Do you want to have an ultimate Philippine vacation that even if you break the bank, you would still feel that it was worth the expenses? Are you looking for sights that are truly astounding not only in pictures but are more astonishing when you see them in person? Are you wanting to meet some […]

Touring South Batan for a day is a must. Just like North Batan, you will be faced with amazing landscapes, picture perfect surroundings and other interesting sights and experiences. The tour would start from Basco (North) and most likely, this will be your order of preference. Rise up early nang makarami. Chawa View Deck Pronounced […]

It was not a double date, nor I was the third wheel. I would like to say that it was a group date. And the person who made this possible? Kuya Jhun! He was like a supportive father that he not only arranged our dates but at the same time, he was our official escort and […]

I already mentioned in one of my posts that Marlboro Hills is just breathtaking and I wish that these pictures could give justice to such beauty. Here are some of the photos that we were able to capture, in fact most of them were taken using a camera phone. We spent a few hours in […]

I am now starting to count the days. Seven days are left. Just seven days!!! In a week’s time, my journey to explore India will commence. This trip will mark many firsts for me as a wanderlust. First travel that I applied for a visa. The few countries that I visited in the past are located […]

I am not a mountaineer, really. I would like to think that I am a ‘try-hard’. Because of that, I still question myself why I signed up for a major climb with Voyager Adventure Club in their quest to reach the summit of Mt. Kanlaon (Difficulty 8/9) in November. However, there is no turning back […]

My friends  and I are now back  from a three-day voluntour in the South last July 12-15. We had an awesome time and in the next few days, I will try to write about the experience, especially about our Care for Cabasagan volunteer activity. This is how it started: Meeting Jem I met Jem (whom […]

What is HIV? What about AIDS? HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. This virus attacks the immune system and once the immune system is weakened, the body of the infected person is not able to combat diseases. AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a worse case of HIV that could cause death immediately. Why should we […]

Before you read this, I suggest you check this out first: Spending the Night in Sabtang If you will have a day tour in Sabtang, here are some of the things that you will expect to see: Barrio Sinakan (Poblacion) The port is in fact in this baranggay. Since this is the center of Sabtang […]

Sabtang is one of the three inhabited islands in Batanes (Batan and Itbayat are the other two). It is near mainland Batan and is included in almost all tours offered in Batanes because of the great attractions and experiences that await in the island. How did we get to Sabtang? At around 630AM, we were […]

It has been over a month already since I left Batanes and it seems that I am still being haunted (in a nice way) by it! Not only did I get to have an amazing time and was able to see amazing sites there, but one picture that I submitted in an online contest at […]